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Monday, January 18, 2010


things are okay. :)

i mean, idk... nothing really huge. this school year has been a blur for me. i swear it just started and its halfway over already. i dont wanna go to high school.

i dont wanna start over. i dont wanna make new friends. but mostly, i just dont want my friends now to forget about me but it seems like i wont be able to hang on no matter what. and its depressing.

sometimes i ask myself what 3 things i would change if i could go back in time. usually i can only think of 1 or 2 big changes but there are a million little things that drive me crazy. ok, not crazy, but i guess it would be good to change them anyway.

i really need to stop thinking about stuff i cant control and just enjoy life. i do most of the time, i think.

allie is staying at my house this week while her parents are gone.
thats kinda exciting.
and good because im actually bored for the first time in... well, since winter break.
i never wanna be stuck in a car that long ever again.
but its gonna happen this summer...
summer. oh my god, i miss that.
i hope i didnt fail my math test...
gym ends friday. yesssssssss- but then yearbook starts and none of my friends are in it and ill be stuck in that room typing or whatever we do for an hour every day...
sorry, i sound kinda whiny {whiney? whinie?) today.
i hope i dont always sound like that...
gah- there it is again.
am i making any sense right now?
im such a weirdo.
i wish someone would ask me out so i wouldnt feel like such a loser.
im totally gonna remember something else i wanted to say after i publish this.
oh well.
heroes is on tomorrow oh my god its gonna be amazing.

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