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Monday, January 4, 2010

back to school.♥

if you can't see the bright side of life

polish the dull side.

today was the first day back at school after winter break.
the only thing i like about school is seeing my friends. the learning part is pointless considering i forget everything within at least a 96 hour period. at least in math.
i hate math.
i hate monday.

my ipod wont turn on. why...?

im just gonna write the first word that comes to mind for every letter of the alphabet.

a: alabama.

b: bubbles.

c: cats.

d: dogs.

e: elephant?

f: fandango. {what is that?}

g: giraffe.

h: hippopotaidkhowtospellit.

i: ignorance.

j: jerk.

k: kangaroo.

l: liar.

m: mongoose.

n: no.

o: olive.

p: pinwheel.

q: quack.

r: rhino.

s: snake.

t: tear.

u: under {my umbrella}.

v: voluminous. {?}

w: why?

x: xylaphone.

z: zebra. {are they extinct?}

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