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Saturday, January 30, 2010


ok, so lifes good.♥

idk. not much to say here.

it snowed yesterday and last night so when i woke up, the ground was covered in it. and that was cool. i sledded today. first snow of 2010. i still have homework to do so that kinda bugs me but oh well. its okay.

miss virginia won the miss america crown. i liked oregon and puerto rico a little better.

heroes on monday. hehehehehe...

now theres your problem.

you guysh didnt even know who i waz- na nya nya.

too much drama.

have you ever wondered what a chair would look like if your knees bent the other way?

makes you think. doesnt it.

Monday, January 18, 2010


just realized heroes is on today. yay. and isaved your life. such a geek. later.


things are okay. :)

i mean, idk... nothing really huge. this school year has been a blur for me. i swear it just started and its halfway over already. i dont wanna go to high school.

i dont wanna start over. i dont wanna make new friends. but mostly, i just dont want my friends now to forget about me but it seems like i wont be able to hang on no matter what. and its depressing.

sometimes i ask myself what 3 things i would change if i could go back in time. usually i can only think of 1 or 2 big changes but there are a million little things that drive me crazy. ok, not crazy, but i guess it would be good to change them anyway.

i really need to stop thinking about stuff i cant control and just enjoy life. i do most of the time, i think.

allie is staying at my house this week while her parents are gone.
thats kinda exciting.
and good because im actually bored for the first time in... well, since winter break.
i never wanna be stuck in a car that long ever again.
but its gonna happen this summer...
summer. oh my god, i miss that.
i hope i didnt fail my math test...
gym ends friday. yesssssssss- but then yearbook starts and none of my friends are in it and ill be stuck in that room typing or whatever we do for an hour every day...
sorry, i sound kinda whiny {whiney? whinie?) today.
i hope i dont always sound like that...
gah- there it is again.
am i making any sense right now?
im such a weirdo.
i wish someone would ask me out so i wouldnt feel like such a loser.
im totally gonna remember something else i wanted to say after i publish this.
oh well.
heroes is on tomorrow oh my god its gonna be amazing.

Friday, January 8, 2010


everyone makes mistakes.

the trick is to make mistakes when no one is looking.

today is friday. yay. um.

well yeah.

why are you reading my blog anyway? dont you have a life?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


might snow tomorrow.


my environmental club met today. fun. someone forgot to come. not mentioning names. allie. probably getting ready for her anime con.

tay is gettin popular with the guys... "some mexican dude asked her out". and the language is spanish. not mexican. its ok, ily.

junes mom thinks her daughter is schizophrenic. oh lordy.

too much homework. blog later.

Monday, January 4, 2010

back to school.♥

if you can't see the bright side of life

polish the dull side.

today was the first day back at school after winter break.
the only thing i like about school is seeing my friends. the learning part is pointless considering i forget everything within at least a 96 hour period. at least in math.
i hate math.
i hate monday.

my ipod wont turn on. why...?

im just gonna write the first word that comes to mind for every letter of the alphabet.

a: alabama.

b: bubbles.

c: cats.

d: dogs.

e: elephant?

f: fandango. {what is that?}

g: giraffe.

h: hippopotaidkhowtospellit.

i: ignorance.

j: jerk.

k: kangaroo.

l: liar.

m: mongoose.

n: no.

o: olive.

p: pinwheel.

q: quack.

r: rhino.

s: snake.

t: tear.

u: under {my umbrella}.

v: voluminous. {?}

w: why?

x: xylaphone.

z: zebra. {are they extinct?}

Sunday, January 3, 2010

intro to the characters.♥

"if Barbie is so popular,

why do we have to buy her friends?"

the girls


occupation: best friend.
muffins or cupcakes? muffins (particularly papa or kitty).
red or green? green, lime green.
sotty and the airmass or- you had to mention the airmass!
milk or oj? probably the juice.


occupation: artist.
lettuce or grilled cheese? {currently} lettuce.
manga/anime or reality tv? there a difference betweem manga and anime!
light or l? ryuk!
apples or bananas? apples.


occupation: comedian.
sotty, scotty, or snotty? *gasp* taco trio!
seahorse or penguin? seahorse.
tv or computer? computer.
pink or green? :) pink&green.


occupation: tomboy.
miley or hannah? ew.
potato or ice cream? potato.
rob or taylor? rob is so hot.
soccer or softball? softball.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

about me.♥

main entry: me*
pronunciation: \'me\
funtion: pronoun

*may include severe mood swings, strange desires, big dreams, hopeless hopes, inner glamour, and undenyable lack of mental stability.

i think that he thinks that we thought that things were over but they think what they thought before which means that what i thought was unthinkable thinking was thought previously to be a thought we thought he thought i think.

and this, my friend, is the epitomy of the confusing subject that is my life.

{get it?}

new year.♥

2010. new year, new blog.
  • name? stardust.
  • gender? female.
  • purpose? unknown.
  • age? confidential.
  • location? somewhere in the middle of the universe.
  • goals? start a popular blog.
  • life? none.