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Sunday, January 3, 2010

intro to the characters.♥

"if Barbie is so popular,

why do we have to buy her friends?"

the girls


occupation: best friend.
muffins or cupcakes? muffins (particularly papa or kitty).
red or green? green, lime green.
sotty and the airmass or- you had to mention the airmass!
milk or oj? probably the juice.


occupation: artist.
lettuce or grilled cheese? {currently} lettuce.
manga/anime or reality tv? there a difference betweem manga and anime!
light or l? ryuk!
apples or bananas? apples.


occupation: comedian.
sotty, scotty, or snotty? *gasp* taco trio!
seahorse or penguin? seahorse.
tv or computer? computer.
pink or green? :) pink&green.


occupation: tomboy.
miley or hannah? ew.
potato or ice cream? potato.
rob or taylor? rob is so hot.
soccer or softball? softball.

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